Sports Massage added to the CNHC Accredited Register

20th July 2020 | News

Our Accredited Register opened to the new discipline of sports massage on 20 July.

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Contribute to a CNHC Registrant’s study on self-care

16th June 2020 | News

CNHC Registrant Sophia Kupse is in the final year of her MSc research degree and is recruiting for participants for her research study.

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Keeping our Registrants updated about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

20th April 2020 | News

We have created a new Coronavirus news section on our website...

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Self-Directed Support in Scotland explained

26th February 2020 | News

This briefing outlines the what Self-Directed Support means in Scotland...

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Personal Health Budgets in England explained

7th January 2020 | News

This briefing outlines the availability of Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) in England...

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