Choosing a complementary healthcare practitioner

Around one in four people in the UK have used some form of complementary therapy or treatment.

Whether you are a member of the public looking for a complementary health practitioner, an employer recruiting staff or a commissioner buying services, you can choose with confidence by looking for a CNHC registered practitioner.

By choosing complementary healthcare practitioners registered with CNHC you can be confident that they are properly qualified and insured, and have chosen to make themselves accountable if a complaint is made against them to CNHC.

We register the following complementary therapies:

Alexander Technique teaching; Aromatherapy; Bowen Therapy; Colon Hydrotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy; Healing; Hypnotherapy; Kinesiology; Massage Therapy; Microsystems Acupuncture; Naturopathy; Nutritional Therapy; Reflexology; Reiki; Shiatsu; Sports Massage; Sports Therapy; Yoga Therapy.

Find out more about these therapies here.

Find a practitioner

You can find a local complementary health practitioner or check that a practitioner is registered. Click here to Find a Practitioner  

Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance

CNHC's Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance describes the standards of conduct, ethics and performance expected of all complementary health practitioners on the CNHC Register. All registrants must agree to comply with the Code before their name is added to the CNHC Register.  

Accredited Register

CNHC's register is approved as an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, a body accountable to Parliament. This provides additional assurance that CNHC registrants meet UK-wide standards of patient safety and service quality.

A joint report from the Royal Society for Public Health and the Professional Standards Authority, Untapped Resources: Accredited Registers in the Wider Workforce, highlighted that “Practitioners registered with CNHC support public health by encouraging their clients to make a range of lifestyle changes. These include improvements to diet and nutrition, support with giving up smoking and losing weight, support with reducing stress, improving sleep, managing pain and other symptoms, as well as overall enhancements to wellbeing. All CNHC registrants are committed to enhancing the UK public’s health and wellbeing.”

CNHC Quality Mark

All CNHC registered practitioners are entitled to display the CNHC Quality Mark on their websites and other publications:

CNHC Quality Mark image
CNHC Quality Mark image