Date: 06 05 2022

Updated: 29 November 2022 (updates appear in red text)

Meaningful Measures Ltd license two tools MYMOP® and MYCaW® that many practitioners have found useful for gathering individualised data on outcomes in complementary therapies. CNHC encourage practitioners to use them where possible, to continue to build the evidence base for complementary therapies.

The Directors of Meaningful Measures, Dr Helen Seers and Dr Marie Polley, collaborated with Dr Charlotte Paterson for 15 years and set up Meaningful Measures Ltd to take over ownership of these tools in July 2020 when Dr Paterson retired. Meaningful Measures has since had the tools accredited by NHS England as a measure for supported self-management.  Meaningful Measures are accredited suppliers on the NHS Health Systems Supported Framework for Supported Self-Management Evaluation and continue to work with complementary therapists and organisations as well as medical practitioners and social prescribing organisations around the world.

Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile - MYMOP®

MYMOP® is widely used by complementary therapists. A simple questionnaire is completed by the patient or client to measure changes in their experience of one or two symptoms and a related activity, identified at the beginning of a series of treatments. Symptoms can be physical, emotional or social, practical or spiritual. MYMOP® also tracks wellbeing and can track prescription medication usage.

Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing - MYCaW®

MYCaW® is widely used in integrative medicine, social prescribing and in NHS personalised care services.  A simple questionnaire is completed by clients/patients that captures the client’s ‘concerns or problems’ – which is broader than ‘symptoms’ in MYMOP®. Concerns may be psycho-emotional, physical, practical, spiritual, or relating to wellbeing or healthcare provision. MYCaW® also tracks wellbeing and captures qualitative data about what was useful about the service received.

Digital version

A digital version of MYMOP® and MYCaW® is now available, through Meaningful Measures’ bespoke digital portal, which enables practitioners and researchers to have a dedicated digital approach to administering the questionnaires.  

Practitioners can easily send a digital version of the tools to clients. Data will be automatically populated into a spreadsheet that you can download, removing any data entry from paper forms.


Meaningful Measure now operates a licensing process for both tools:

  • Paper version: For non-profit-making organisations is an admin only fee of £51.20 per year. For sole practitioners the cost is just over £104 per year (including the admin fee). 
  • Digital portal access for complementary healthcare practitioners: £126 a year / £50 a year for each additional user.
  • Digital portal access for professional association for complementary healthcare: If you are a member of a professional association that is signed up with Meaningful Measures you get a 20% discount: £99 a year / £40 a year for each additional user.

To develop the global database of evidence for complementary and integrative approaches to health, anonymised data share back to Meaningful Measures is part of the license agreement so Meaningful Measures can curate global databases of types of symptoms, activities, concerns and related scores.  

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