Teija has a background in electronic engineering and, with over 20 years in investment banking and energy trading technology, has gained a deep understanding of the emotional issues people face in their professional and private lives. She became interested in helping her colleagues and staff and this led to her gradually re-training herself over a decade ago. She now works as the Principal of ICH Clinical Hypnosis Training, responsible for the standards and ethics upheld by the organisation. She lectures on hypnotherapy and NLP training courses in the UK and in Finland and works as a private practitioner. Although based in the UK full-time, she was invited to join the board of the Finnish Hypnosis Association in 2017 and was elected the Chair in 2020.

Teija holds a MSc in Clinical Hypnosis, is a Reiki Master Trainer, CBT coach and has training in numerous other disciplines. As a passionate learner, she is now working to complete her Doctorate in Health Sciences and a Diploma in Counselling. She believes in the importance of an integrated healthcare approach that is accessible and delivered safely and ethically with appropriate guidance, standards and regulation.