6th April 2018 | News

CNHC has a Profession Specific Board (PSB) for each of the sixteen professions it registers. PSBs provide advice to the CNHC Board about therapy-specific issues and are a key element of CNHC’s structure.
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All CNHC registered Healing practitioners and Hypnotherapists have been invited to stand for election as a CNHC Profession Specific Board (PSB) member. An email has been sent setting out the full details and inviting registrants to stand for election. Any registrant from Healing and Hypnotherapy is able to stand for election for the relevant PSB, including those who are currently members of the PSB.

Candidates will be required to set out in no more than 600 words how their background and experience meet our essential criteria using the Election Statement Template provided. The deadline for receipt of election statements is 5pm on Friday 27 April 2018.

On Monday 30 April 2018 the election statements will be made available to the CNHC registered practitioners of each discipline in the CNHC Resources section of MyCNHC. All CNHC registered Healing practitioners and Hypnotherapists will be invited to vote electronically. The closing date for voting will be midnight on Monday 14 May 2018.
Successful candidates will be notified on Tuesday 15 May 2018.