14th October 2019 | News Archive

Tuesday 24 September 2019 was the final date to submit Election Statements for the Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Shiatsu Profession Specific Board (PSB) elections. There are times when CNHC holds Profession Specific Board (PSB) elections and the number of candidates who put themselves forward is fewer than the minimum number of five required to hold an election.

When that happens, CNHC invites those who stepped forward (and who meet the criteria) to take up the position and on occasion also invites existing PSB members to continue in the role, if they wish to do so.  This approach works well by providing a good combination of continuity and newness to the PSBs’ work.

This was the case for each therapy this time round, which means a continuity of members on the Aromatherapy PSB and a combination of new and existing members in the Reflexology and Shiatsu PSBs as detailed below:

Aromatherapy PSB members

• Rosemary Pharo and Dinesh Kotecha

Reflexology PSB members

• Sally Earlam, David Godfrey, Helen Turier, and David Wayte

Shiatsu PSB members

• Adam Hillinger, Tamsin Grainger and Teresa Manning

You can see the membership of all CNHC PSBs here.