Lynsey started her career in the City, leading large and complex change programmes. She brings to the board extensive experience at a senior level where she gained a deep understanding of good governance practices, strategy development and managing change. She then retrained in health and wellbeing and now runs a multi-disciplinary practice as an accredited life coach, Alexander Technique teacher and wellbeing consultant. She is passionate about complementary healthcare practitioners working closely with other providers to enable the public to have access to a wide range of healthcare options in a way that is safe and transparent.  

Lynsey is also a leading consultant in the corporate world, bringing her expertise to companies’ wellbeing initiatives and as a champion of mental and physical health in the workplace. As a sought after public speaker, she delivers inspirational seminars on how to stay happy and healthy amidst the challenges of modern life and is often to be found speaking at industry events and to global audiences of thousands.