5th July 2018 | News Archive

CNHC’s Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance provides the framework for professional practice across the sector. The current version of the Code was developed and implemented four years ago and sets out for clients the quality of care they are entitled to receive from registrants. We’ll feature a series of articles which will highlight each section of the Code. First, let’s review the Code as a whole.

CNHC’s Code includes the six key principles that apply to all UK healthcare professionals:

  1. Respect clients’ dignity, individuality and privacy
  2. Respect clients’ rights to be involved in decisions
  1. about their care
  1. Justify public trust and confidence by being honest
  1. and trustworthy
  1. Provide a good standard of practice and care
  2. Protect clients and colleagues from risk of harm
  3. Co-operate with colleagues from your own and other professions

These principles apply to all registrants and set out the standards which registrants will be measured against should we receive a complaint about them. The Code provides guidance and advice to help registrants meet these requirements

The Code aims to be a day-to-day resource for all registrants, no matter the context in which they practise. There are important areas of the law that apply at all times to all registrants, and The Code includes specific details of the relevant law to help practitioners understand how it affects them.

You can see CNHC’s Code in full on our website here or it can be downloaded from MyCNHC.

To request a printed copy of the Code, please email info@cnhc.org.uk or call 020 3668 0406.