10th July 2019 | News

Angela Beasor, CNHC registered for Colon Hydrotherapy, is carrying out a nationwide survey as part of her MSc in Public Health Nutrition. She is exploring how complementary therapy practitioners approach conversations with clients around healthy eating to support their overall health and wellbeing.
What is the study about?
Promoting healthy eating to tackle public health challenges related to diet and lifestyle choices is the responsibility of all health professionals, including those who practise complementary therapies. This study aims to find out how much UK complementary therapy practitioners view themselves as capable, motivated and having the appropriate opportunity to discuss healthy eating. It will look at the extent and by what means healthy eating information is provided, and the level of interest among practitioners for future training. The widest range of disciplines is sought so that analysis can be made across the four CAM groups; energy medicine, mind-body systems, manual therapies and alternative/traditional health systems. 
Nutrition based disciplines including ayurvedic, naturopathy and nutritional therapy will be excluded as they already address diet and their inclusion will potentially bias the data collected.
Who can take part?
Any UK-based complementary therapy practitioners who are not practising a nutrition-based therapy.
What do I have to do?
The short online survey is completely anonymous and will take less than fifteen minutes to complete. It will ask you to think about whether you have the opportunity, confidence and motivation to discuss healthy eating with your clients, any information and signposting you may give, and any training you might have undertaken related to healthy eating and behaviour change.
Why should I take part?
Your participation is valued regardless of how much or how little you discuss healthy eating with your clients. The more responses that are received, the more robust the findings will be, so please consider taking part. The survey aims to provide analysis across the complementary therapy sector, so please share the survey link with your colleagues.
Please note that the survey will not cover nutrition-based therapies as these will naturally include healthy eating advice as part of their practice.
How do I participate in the survey?
To complete the survey, please click the link below: