How to eat well and live well to support physical and mental wellbeing through the winter months

29th October 2020 | Blog

Winter is fast approaching and with so much focus on supporting our immune system, this year especially, what are the things we can all do to increase our nutrient intake? Claire Sambolino, a CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapist and Communications Manager at the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) offers some useful advice on how to support your wellbeing by eating well.

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Supporting haematology patients with complementary therapies

27th October 2020 | Blog

CNHC Registrant and Reflexologist Melissa Tyers talks about her experiences of working within the Haematology Service, which treats diseases related to blood, at City Hospital Nottingham:

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In Touch: Improving the wellbeing of parents and carers of children in hospital through massage therapy

29th September 2020 | Blog

CNHC Registrant Nicola Stewart has been working as a massage therapist for 20 years. As well as running her successful practice she has authored a popular guide to massage.

Together with Melinda Edwards MBE, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has worked as a paediatric psychologist with both children and their families for over 30 years, Nicola has set up In Touch - a free massage service for parents and carers of children in hospital. Here Nicola talks about how the idea for In Touch came about, the work they are doing and how they overcame the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

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COVID-19: Returning to practise reflexology in a social care setting by Johanne Gosling

16th June 2020 | Blog

In our June blog post, CNHC Registrant and reflexologist Johanne Gosling shares her experience of returning to work at a care home and treating residents during the coronavirus crisis...

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The Holistic Health Directory: Spreading the word about complementary healthcare by Cathy Vivian

10th March 2020 | Blog

As a complementary therapist of over 20 years standing, I have grown to realise that a lot of patience is necessary to accept the slow creep of progress...

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Sugar Awareness Week: Tips on cutting down your children’s sugar intake by Nathalie Gudgeon

22nd January 2020 | Blog

Nathalie Gudgeon, a Nutritional Therapist and CNHC Local Champion, takes a functional approach to her practice with a special interest in nutrigenomics and children’s nutrition...

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Integrating Reiki Therapy within a NHS setting by Ann Singleton

13th December 2019 | Blog

Ann Singleton, one of our CNHC Local Champions, shares her experience of working in the NHS, how this led to her career as a Reiki practitioner...

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Yoga Therapy in a clinical setting by Yasmin Zaman

9th October 2019 | Blog

Yasmin Zaman, CNHC Yoga therapist, writes about the benefits of delivering yoga in a clinical setting...

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Be a champion in your area, your profession and a champion in your own right by Matt and Kirsty Grogan

17th September 2019 | Blog

Matt and Kirsty Grogan, CNHC registrants, writes about the importance of being a local champion...

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