Author: CNHC

Date: 30 07 2021

CNHC Registrants play an important role as part of the wider public health workforce, supporting members of the public to improve their health [1].

 As part of its commitment to public health, the CNHC Board supports NHS and Public Health Engand campaigns to raise public awareness about the importance of vaccinations. We previously issued a Statement in support of Public Health England’s ‘Value of Vaccines’ campaign in 2019 which you can read here.

The CNHC Board support NHS England's Grab a Jab campaign to encourage people to receive a COVID-19 vaccinations, as part of the largest vaccination programme in NHS history. So far over 39 million people across the country – more than 85% of all adults - have been vaccinated..

CNHC Registrants must abide by CNHC’s Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance. Section D1 of the Code, 'Knowing your own limits', which states: 

             "You must recognise and work within the limits of your own knowledge, skills and competence."

CNHC Registrants are reminded that if their clients raise questions about vaccinations they must be advised to contact their GP.

Information about the COVID-19 vaccination in England can be found on the NHS England website. For other parts of the country information can be found here:


[1] According to the Royal Society of Public Health and the Professional Standards Authority, ‘Practitioners registered with CNHC support public health by encouraging their clients to make a range of lifestyle changes. These include improvements to diet and nutrition, support with giving up smoking and losing weight, support with reducing stress, improving sleep, managing pain and other symptoms.’  Untapped Resources: Accredited Registers in the Wider Workforce:(2017).