8th November 2017 | News Archive


The Creative Living Centre in Greater Manchester, an independent charity which provides support to adults experiencing mental or emotional distress, has celebrated its 20 year anniversary - and an important award from the Big Lottery Fund.

The Centre was founded in 1997 and receives funding from the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and a number of other organisations and charitable trusts. They’ve now had a successful bid for more than £300,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.

Their programme involves a range of therapies and self-help approaches that include complementary therapies, counselling, and opportunities to take part in group classes and activities.

Barbara Heron, a CNHC-registered massage therapist and Chair of the Centre’s trustees, describes the support they offer. “Many of our members have medical issues in addition to the severe physical impact of poor mental and emotional health. The benefits of our therapies are immense: releasing the build-up of body-mind tension encourages relaxation, with the ensuing calmness often a feature of grateful comments by our members.”

Barbara says the idea of holistic health treatment was a “radical” idea when the Centre was founded 20 years ago.

She added: “We are fortunate in having the respect and support of the local CCG, GPs and hospital consultants who appreciate our positive, reported and preventative outcomes. We look forward to ever greater positive impact upon our members and hope to influence positively the delivery of more responsive mental health support provision. This can only benefit the rapidly increasing numbers with mental ill health, in line with the current focus on social prescribing within the NHS.”