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Nutritional Therapy PSB meeting August 09

A meeting of the Nutritional Therapy (NT) Profession Specific Board (PSB), with Maggie Dunn (CEO /Registrar) of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) took place on the 28th August at the CNHC offices. The PSB discussed how nutritional therapy practitioners will be admitted to the CNHC register following the closure of the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) register at the end of September 2009. 

It was agreed that;   

  • The Nutritional Therapy PSB will advise the Professional Forum for NT, the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC), that members of its affiliated Professional Associations (PA) whose NT qualifications meet the NOS can apply directly to the register through their PA. These members will pay a £30 Early Bird registration fee (available until the 31st December 2009) to the CNHC and the PA will advise their members of any application processing fee. The NT PSB will advise the NTC affiliated PAs of those training providers whose courses meet fully the National Occupational Standards for NT. The NOS are the minimum criteria required by the CNHC for registration.
  • The Nutritional Therapy PSB will advise the PAs of those courses that have gaps in their content, and so do not meet the NOS. The gaps have been identified by the PSB and the NTC and they will recommend ways to verify that the required knowledge has been acquired and understood. PAs may find that those applicants with substantial gaps in training are best assessed by a guided portfolio. The Nutritional Therapy PSB can advise on the detail of a guided portfolio.
  • Those applicants who do not have an appropriate qualification meeting the NOS can apply to the register by full portfolio assessed by the Nutritional Therapy PSB.
  • Applicants applying direct to the CNHC who are not members of a PA affiliated to the NTC will be offered two routes by which their application can be verified. These are (1) to apply through one of the affiliated PAs or (2) to present a portfolio direct to the Nutritional Therapy PSB.

Guidance on how to complete a portfolio will be given by the PSB to PAs and applicants on request and will also be available on the CNHC and NTC websites.  The assessment fee for portfolios is £150 (non refundable).  Successful applicants will then need to pay the appropriate registration fee.

The above routes will be available to all NT applicants to the CNHC Register as soon as the new administrative arrangements are in place.

Please see Apply to Register with CNHC for further information.

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